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Visit Rome – Some ideas to prepare your trip …

Visit Rome! All roads lead to Rome! The Eternal City, a must when traveling in Italy.

Whether you love beautiful stones, gastronomy or history … this city is for you! To visit Rome is to visit an open-air museum. One of the rare cities in the world where you feel the history. A city that respects its ancient architecture and still retains its beauty. You will take the time to stroll through cobbled streets, monumental squares. Each corner testifying to the former grandeur of the Ancient City.


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Take a bath of light on the Vittoriano -Monument Victor Emanuele II esplanade.

The Vittoriano is the most impressive monument in Rome. The monument lives up to its nickname “the bride’s cake”! All dressed in white marble, it pays homage to Italian unity.

It is a profusion of columns and fountains in which stands an equestrian statue of Victor Emmanuel II, work of the sculptor Enrico Chiaradia (it). The reliefs represent the Italian cities, by Eugenio Maccagnani (it). The large reliefs on both sides of the Altar of the Nation are by Angelo Zanelli (it). These sculptures evoke Italy in art, science, religion and law.

Accessible by elevator, the terrace with its monumental row of columns offers incredible views and sunsets over the Eternal City!

Tip: To get to the Vittoriano take the red tourist bus which stops right outside and serves many other must-see places in Rome.

Feel very small in the Colosseum!


The Colosseum is the largest monument ever made by the Romans. Built between 72 and 83 AD. AD, it remains a spectacle building never equaled by any other construction. When you think that it could accommodate up to 50,000 people, it’s really impressive!

Although the Colosseum is in ruins, we can still imagine quite well how the crowd, the gladiators, the plebs could then evolve in its enclosure.

Today it is one of the symbols of modern Rome, one of the most popular tourist attractions. He maintains close ties with the Roman Catholic Church because every Good Friday, the Pope leads a torchlight procession on a Way of the Cross leading to the amphitheater.
A building that allows us to glimpse history. So don’t miss it!

Redo the world under the Sistine Chapel.

The Sistine Chapel shelters a universal treasure: the sequences of Genesis painted by Michelangelo. This work; of incredible volume, reveals all the genius of the painter.

The chapel owes its fame to its exceptional painted decoration, created by the greatest artists of the Renaissance, including Michelangelo, Le Pérugin, Sandro Botticelli, Domenico Ghirlandaio, Cosimo Rosselli and Pinturicchio.

Every day, some 10,000 tourists visit it, with peaks of 20,000 people during peak periods. Better be patient and above all book a skip-the-line ticket to enter without suffering the very long queues.

Go through history through the Vatican Museums.


The Vatican Museums consist of a set of located in the Vatican. Twelve museums representing five galleries and 1,400 rooms.

Here you will find one of the largest art collections in the world: works of art, paintings and sculptures, collected over the centuries by the Popes.

Marvel at the treasures of the Borghese Gallery.

The Borghese Gallery and its gardens offer you a parenthesis in the Roman tumult. This villa, originally the residence of the Borghese family, had a completely different destiny. Cardinal Scipio Borghese, nephew of the pope and endowed with an extraordinary artistic flair, dedicated 25 years of his life to bring together works of the most illustrious painters. Awesome patron; he made his Villa an Art Nouveau school.

The Borghese Gallery is one of the most beautiful museums of private collections in the world. In view of the success of the visits, access to the works has been highly regulated. You will need to be patient or book a fast-track ticket online.

Find inspiration in St. Peter's Basilica.

St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican is the most important monument in the eyes of the Catholic religion. Located in the Vatican, on the right bank of the Tiber; its facade opens onto the majestic Place Saint-Pierre.

You cannot miss its disproportionate proportions and its pace. It is certainly one of the architectural masterpieces of the Vatican. This monument twice the size of Notre-Dame de Paris is the largest Basilica in the world.

Throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain.

Does the Trevi fountain or the movie “la dolce vita” mean anything to you? This fountain is an emblematic and unmissable place in Rome.

Today all tourists come there to throw their coins over the shoulder and make a first wish then a second one to return to Rome. This very popular ritual brings crowds to this corner of the Eternal City, but the Trevi Fountain remains a must in Rome.

Be amazed at the unique architecture of the Pantheon.

The Pantheon is certainly the most spectacular building in Rome. With an astonishing architecture, the monument questions its design. Its dome, the largest in all of Antiquity, served as a reference for the construction of that of St. Peter’s Basilica.

Free entry . You can book the audio guide to learn more about the monument.

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