Navette Aéroport Rome Fiumicino

Navette Aéroport Rome Fiumicino Leonardo Express

La meilleure option de transfert d'aéroport. Rejoignez Rome en seulement 32 minutes avec le Leonardo Express! Le Leonardo Express est une ligne de train reliant l'aéroport de Rome Fiumicino à la gare centrale Termini dans le centre-ville. C'est un transfert d'aéroport, le moyen le plus rapide pour rejoindre le centre-ville de Rome. Il faut savoir [...]

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Visit the Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel! The Vatican Museum is among the most important museums in the world. It is an essential visit when you stay in Rome! The Popes have, over time, constituted exceptional collections. Each work acquired and exhibited bears witness to history and time. The Vatican is a city-state located […]

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Colosseum + Roman Forum + Palatino Hill

Everyone knows the Colosseum, thanks to a vague memory of the history courses at the school or to the Ridley Scott film “Gladiator”. ABOUT: Colosseum in Italian is a gigantic oval amphitheater located in the centre of the city of Rome. It is one of the greatest monuments built during the Roman Empire. It is […]

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