Join the Rome City Center in just 32 min with the Leonardo Express train!

The Rome Airport shuttle Rome Leonardo Express is a train line connecting Rome Fiumicino Airport to Termini Central Station in the city center. It is the fastest way to reach the city center of Rome. You should know that Fiumicino airport is completely outside the city. There are several ways to get to Rome: bus, taxi, private transfer … The train is the fastest solution, 30 minutes of travel against 1 hour by bus or car or more.

Buy your tickets online! Save time and enjoy Rome.

It is now easy to book your tickets online. Just click below. Select the date and the number of tickets you need. You will receive your tickets within 24 hours. You can then print them or simply present them on your mobile. You can also buy your tickets on the spot at the counters (a lot of waiting), in the tobaccos or the automatic kiosks.


Airport transfer Leonardo Express book your tickets online!

Roma Termini – Leonardo Da Vinci Airport. The best airport transfer option. Join Rome in just 32 minutes with the Leonardo

14*Per person



Rome metro card -(includes also metro, bus, tram and Airport Bus from Ciampino)

Travelling to Rome? You want to visit all the highlights at your own speed? This Rome public transportation tickets is

29*Per person


How to get to the train station to take the Leonardo Express?

It is very simple! After picking up your luggage, simply follow the Exit / Uscita signs and the TRENI sign. Do not be worried because the exit is quite impressive and you can quickly feel lost.It is necessary to walk a little (about 500m) to reach the station. You will take long corridors, escalators. Do not hesitate to ask your way.

Why use the Leonardo Express?

There are different options to reach the city center of Rome:

  • The bus: between 40 min and 1 hour to reach Rome. This can be more because the traffic is often very dense. The price varies between 6 and 10 euros for a single trip.
  • The taxi: you can benefit from a private transport with driver. Like the bus, the route varies depending on the traffic conditions. Price between 50 and 80 euros depending on the services.

In any case it must be remembered that Romans love to take their cars and it generates a very strong traffic.

My advice:

“You will save time and comfort by taking the Leonardo Express, especially if you are traveling with children as I did.”



The Rome City Pass is the 1st City Pass that you don't have to pick up. All the tickets included can be scanned on the phone at all attractions and museums included. 100% Mobile & 100% Online!

68*Per person



Colosseum – Skip the line! + Roman Forum + Palatino Hill

Everyone knows the Colosseum, thanks to a vague memory of the history courses at the school or to the Ridley

18*Per person




Visit the Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel! The Vatican Museum is among the most important museums in the world.

27*Per person



  1. avatar
    Posted by Alan Thomas| 18 February 2019 |Reply

    Used this service both ways last weekend,, I was apprehensive at first because of the bad reviews & the fines imposed on travellers. I have to say the service & staff were excellent, from the help in the baggage reclaim to purchase the ticket, to the return journey, no problems whatsoever, easy to find, easy to use ticket machines, spotless & punctual, will definitely use again & recomend to anyone.

    • avatar
      Posted by Djami| 18 February 2019 |Reply

      Thanks a lot Thomas!
      It’s really kind of you to take a bit time to share!


    • avatar
      Posted by Teresita González| 16 July 2019 |Reply

      Con respecto al equipaje, con cuántas maletas puedo entrar?

      • avatar
        Posted by Djami| 23 July 2019 |Reply

        Bon dia!

        2 Per personas pero depende siempre de la persona que controla.

        Aprofites del viaje!

  2. avatar
    Posted by| 15 March 2019 |Reply

    We will experience it in May! Hope we will enjoy 🙂

    • avatar
      Posted by Djami| 15 March 2019 |Reply


      Let us know something about you trip!

      Enjoy Roma 🙂

  3. avatar
    Posted by Igor Sink| 23 April 2019 |Reply

    Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

    leider funktioniert die auf Ihrer Seite die Onlinebuchung für Zugtickets nicht.
    Ich würde 2 Tickets vom Flughafen zum Hauptbahnhof am 06.05.2019 benötigen.
    Können Sie mir bitte weiterhelfen.

    Beste Grüße

    • avatar
      Posted by Djami| 23 April 2019 |Reply

      Lieber Reisender,

      Ich habe gerade die Seite getestet und auf unserer Seite funktioniert die Buchung.
      Kannst du es erneut über den folgenden Link versuchen:


      • avatar
        Posted by Marian| 28 August 2019 |Reply

        Am cumpărat bilet online, cum îl validez ?

        • avatar
          Posted by Djami| 3 September 2019 |Reply

          Dear Marian,
          The ticket you will receive includes a Flash code you should scan at the station.
          Enjoy your trip in Rome.

  4. avatar
    Posted by walter| 30 April 2019 |Reply

    please advise if Leanardo express is running 24 hours a day? or what is their schedule? ( for i will be arriving FCO at 6 pm and must go back to FCO at 6 am next morning, ( so if Lenardo express is not running 24 hours, what kind of transportation open for 24 hours ?) thank you

    • avatar
      Posted by Djami| 6 May 2019 |Reply

      Dear Walter,
      Sorry about the delay we reply you.
      At Roma Termini the service will run from 05.35 am until 10.35 pm, and at Fiumicino Airport it will run from 06.23 am until 11.23 pm.
      Enjoy your trip to Rome.

  5. avatar
    Posted by Aleksandra| 9 May 2019 |Reply


    It says that the ticket is 14€, but when I want to buy it online I have to pay for the booking fee as well, so at the end the ticket costs 18.6€.

    If I buy at the airport will the final price be 14€?

    • avatar
      Posted by Djami| 14 May 2019 |Reply

      Hello Alelksandra,

      yes ! At the airport you will not have the fees.

      Enjoy Rome

  6. avatar
    Posted by Hazel| 10 May 2019 |Reply

    Hi, will the agent at the counter take 500 euro paper currency? If not, is visa card allowed?

    • avatar
      Posted by Djami| 14 May 2019 |Reply

      Hello Hazel,

      Better to choose the Visa option :).

  7. avatar
    Posted by Michela| 14 May 2019 |Reply

    Hello, we are travelling with 2 kids (7 and 10 years old). Do they have to pay the full fair ticket?
    Thanks in advance

    • avatar
      Posted by Djami| 14 May 2019 |Reply

      Good Morning Mickaela,

      Here are the special conditions.
      Children who are under 4;
      Children from 4 to under 12 (one child for each paying adult);

      Enjoy your trip 🙂

  8. avatar
    Posted by yoann| 14 May 2019 |Reply

    is Leonardo Express affected by strike planed on 17/05? if so, is there a minimal granted service?
    Thanks for your kind answer
    best regards

    • avatar
      Posted by Djami| 14 May 2019 |Reply

      Bonjour Yoann,

      Le vendredi 17 mai 2019, les trains peuvent être modifiés de 9 heures à 17 heures en raison d’une grève nationale du groupe Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane, à l’exception de la région du Piémont.
      Il n’y a pas de changement pour les trains longue distance.
      Sur les lignes régionales, des services sont prévus, une attention particulière étant accordée aux relations avec le plus grand trafic de passagers. De légères variations peuvent également se produire dans le Piémont.
      Sur certaines lignes régionales, l’ensemble de l’offre ordinaire devrait être confirmée.
      L’agitation syndicale peut impliquer des changements dans le service, même avant le début et après sa conclusion.
      Pendant la grève, la liaison entre Rome Termini et l’aéroport de Fiumicino sera garantie avec le train “Leonardo Express” ou des autobus de remplacement.

      Pour information, le numéro sans frais 800-892021 est disponible à partir de 9h00 le jeudi 16 mai jusqu’à 20h00 le vendredi 17 mai.
      Service minimum garanti en cas de grève

      Nous restons à votre disposition.
      Bon séjour à Rome 🙂

  9. avatar
    Posted by Bjarke| 26 May 2019 |Reply

    Is two way tickets only for use on the same day or can the return trip be a different day?

    • avatar
      Posted by Djami| 26 May 2019 |Reply


      You can return it a different. After your booking confirmation you will receive another email to specify the dates and hours.

      Enjoy your trip.

  10. avatar
    Posted by Jordan| 10 June 2019 |Reply

    After booking, I received confirmation to specify the dates and hours. I know the dates, but because of our travel schedule, I don’t know the exact times. If we missed our specified “time” could we still take the train on the same day but different hour?

    • avatar
      Posted by Djami| 11 June 2019 |Reply

      Dear Jordan,

      Your tickets is available until 1h30 after the time you have selected. In case you have to modify it quick write us at with your order number.

      Enjoy your trip in Rome !

  11. avatar
    Posted by Eylece| 30 June 2019 |Reply

    Hello, What ticket do I purchase if i require a round trip Airport/City on the Leonardo Express in conjunction with the hop on/hop off bus?

  12. avatar
    Posted by travel| 17 July 2019 |Reply

    I need a round trip ticket. Do I book a 2 way and list the outbound date only? Will I be able to use the return ticket on another date of choice?

    • avatar
      Posted by Djami| 23 July 2019 |Reply


      yes you will. After the confirmation you will receive a separate email asking for dates and hours you want to come book.

      Enjoy your trip in Rome.

  13. avatar
    Posted by Astrid| 27 August 2019 |Reply

    Dear Sir/madam,

    Can you please tell me why it’s not possible to make a reservation for the 8th of September (Termini – airport).

    Thanks for your reaction.

    Kind regards,

    • avatar
      Posted by Djami| 3 September 2019 |Reply

      Dear Astrid,
      The train does not operate for technical reasons. You can take the bus from the airport to Termini station.

  14. avatar
    Posted by Genise| 2 September 2019 |Reply

    So is the Hop on and Off bus the Roma Cristina not the Red one?
    And the skip the lines for St. Peters as well as the Colleseum? What if you don’t know the time your able to get to the attractions?

    • avatar
      Posted by Djami| 3 September 2019 |Reply

      Dear Genis,
      The Rome Cristina Bus is the yellow one.
      Relating to the skip the line tickets, you should absolutely respect the hours you have selected. These monuments are really busy and the entrance can be refused if you arrive late.
      Have a nie trip in Rome!

  15. avatar
    Posted by Nikolay| 26 November 2019 |Reply

    Good day! We travel with a child of 12 years old. Does he need an adult ticket?
    Best regards, Nikolay & Anna

    • avatar
      Posted by Djami| 3 December 2019 |Reply

      Dear Nikolay,

      Kids Tickets are free up to 11 y . So for a 12 y kid you have to buy a ticket.

      Enjoy Rome!

  16. avatar
    Posted by Lidan| 3 December 2019 |Reply

    I purchased a book of 10 Leonardo Express tickets (discounted to 115 euro) at the airport ticket counter. The sales said I could print ticket online. How do I do that?

    • avatar
      Posted by Djami| 4 December 2019 |Reply

      Dear Lidan,

      We replied you in private.

  17. avatar
    Posted by Katia| 5 August 2020 |Reply

    I purchased a Leonardo Express train ticket on 25th July for 30th July 2020 (Rome Termini to Fiumicino Airport) and never received the ticket. I emailed you twice on 30th July and my emails were ignored. I have contacted my bank so they claim the money back.

    • avatar
      Posted by Djami| 6 August 2020 |Reply

      Dear Katia,

      Our partner’s customer service wrote you about your request. Can you reply them?

      Kind regards

  18. Posted by Annalisa Galeone| 4 September 2020 |Reply

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I have purchased a one-way ticket for Monday 7th September. However, I just realised that I purchased a one-way ticket from Fiumicino Airport to Termini Station. I need to modify the ticket.

    I need a one-way ticket from Termini Station to Fiumicino Airport on Monday 7th September. Can you modify the ticket for me and send it to my e-mail address, please?

    Thank you in advance.

    Kind regards,
    Annalisa Galeone

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