How to reach Rome from Ciampino airport?

You arrive in Rome via Ciampino airport

How to reach Rome from Ciampino airport?

If you are reading this article, you have chosen to visit the magnificent Rome and you will probably arrive in Italy by plane at Ciampino airport.

Here you will find an informative article, perfect for those who have to go to Rome for a vacation or a business trip and do not know how to get around.

So let’s discover together and in a simple way, how to get from Ciampino airport to the center of Rome. We will also take this opportunity to detail airport transfers.

Some information about Ciampino airport


Ciampino Rome Airport is a point of reference for anyone who wants to reach Rome in a short time, as it is located quite close to the city center.

It was founded in 1916 and is named after Giovan Battista Pastine, an Italian airship pilot who participated in World War I.


Rome Ciampino Airport is the second airport in the Italian capital, after Rome Fiumicino Airport. You should know that many low cost airlines offer low cost flights landing mainly in Ciampino, which is important information for those who want to fly in comfort and spend little.

Until the 1960s, Rome Ciampino Airport was the first airport in Rome, it could handle up to 2 million passengers a year.

Where is Rome Ciampino Airport?


This airport is located on the Via Appia Nuova, one of the first historic roads in Rome, and is only 15 km from the center.

It is in fact very close to exit 23 of the Grande Raccordo Anulare (the main expressway), famous for its traffic but also for being a very important crossroads in the city.

Ciampino can be reached in different ways, some of which are very convenient and save tourists from wasting precious time visiting the city and its surroundings.

So let’s talk about the connections created to favor all those who want to move from Ciampino to the city center and vice versa; from downtown to Ciampino!

How to reach Rome from Ciampino ?


Do not despair ! There are several solutions and we will review them all, from the most comfortable to those that we consider a little adventurous.


By taking the bus or airport shuttles: (I list the different options below):

  • The direct airport shuttle to Roma Termini (the central station of Rome Termini).
  • Regular bus, very convenient but often crowded, that goes to metro station A stop Anagnina and from there you can reach your destination, depending on where you are staying. See our site for metro lines here.
  • Bus 720 Atac at Laurentina metro station.
  • Regular bus to Ciampino station, where you can take a regional train to go wherever you want.


Private buses

There are many companies that operate this type of Ciampino-Termini connection. A practical solution to reach the center of Rome, with a fairly low cost of 5 euros one way. Obviously you have to take the time into account, at peak times we do not recommend taking the bus. The most well-known companies that provide this type of connection are:


Is there a direct train from Ciampino airport to Roma Termini station?


No. Unfortunately, there is no direct train that makes this route. However, you can take the connecting bus to Ciampino station, then take a regional train that leaves every 12 minutes to Roma Termini station. The cost is only 1.50 euros..

Or, you can opt for the Ciampino Airlink, which is very practical. It connects Rome Ciampino Pastine airport to Rome Termini train station. In fact, you can take the bus and then the train, for only 2.70 euros.


Besides Roma Termini, also consider Roma Tiburtina station. This is another resort that you might find useful, especially if you are staying in the area.

How to get to Roma Tiburtina station from Rome Ciampino airport? 


There is no direct connection between Roma Tiburtina station and Rome Ciampino airport. However, you can get to Roma Tiburtina by taking one of the means of transport we mentioned before, to Roma Termini station, then metro B to Tiburtina. See the metro map here.

The alternative is to get to Laurentina with bus 720 Atac, then take the metro to Tiburtina.

What if I need to get to Anagnina station from Ciampino airport?


Again, don’t worry. It’s very simple, because you can use the Schiaffini/Atral bus which is very convenient and offers a good service.

It is possible to find this bus service from 6:50 a.m. to 10:40 p.m. on public holidays and until 8:40 p.m. on weekdays.

Another way to get downtown is by taxi. So let’s find out if it’s really convenient to take a taxi in Rome and how much it costs to travel from Ciampino airport to the city center.

Taxi from Ciampino airport to the center of Rome


You should know that in Rome, the official taxis are white and have a clearly visible sign on the roof: “TAXI”. The cost is not so low, since the official taxi fare is 30 euros. To reach Rome Termini by taxi, it takes about 30 to 40 minutes depending on city traffic.


Note: It is possible that once you leave the airport you will be accosted by illegal taxi drivers, with very unlikely fares, so be very careful and move forward.

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How does parking work at Ciampino Airport?


Ciampino Airport, offers several parking options and many solutions for those who choose to rent a car, but it can be expensive for extended stops.

There are indeed cheap car parks that you can use and which often offer a shuttle service at very advantageous rates.

For those who want to save money, there are free parking lots near Ciampino station. And from the parking lot, you can take the bus directly to the airport.

Is it easy to get to Ciampino airport from central Rome?


Yes, absolutely! The options we mentioned earlier also operate from central Rome to Ciampino.


By bus :

You can buy tickets for 5 euros one way, with the Atral, Cotral, Sit and Terravision buses.

Ciampino Airport Transfer

The three services we are talking about are shuttles and depart from Roma Termini station. The wait is often long and for this it is important to pay attention to this detail so as not to miss the plane.


By train :

It is possible to travel from Rome Termini station to Ciampino station by a regional train costing a paltry 1.50 euro.

From there, you must then take a shuttle to Rome Airport. Shuttles leave every 30 minutes. It is important – here too – to calculate the time you have available. You will also have the Airlink option, mentioned above, the ticket costs 2.70 euros.


By car :

If you have rented a car, don’t worry, you can leave it at the airport. To get there you will have to drive about 15 km from the center of Rome. However, the journey time can be 40/50 minutes depending on traffic. Even then, we recommend a little caution.

In conclusion

As you have read, there are really many possibilities to reach Rome Ciampino airport safely and serenely.

I hope all of this information will be useful to you.

All roads lead to Rome!



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